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Drug and Alcohol Policy

As Director of Blackwater Quarries, I give my full commitment to, and views as a high priority, the priority, the provision of a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and visitors.

  • Ensure a safe and healthy environment for all persons on Blackwater Quarries site, whereby no person on the site is put at risk from the effects of drugs and alcohol.
  • Create an environment where all persons recognise the safety and health risks of the use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Foster a culture amongst all persons on all sites, that it is neither acceptable nor legal to come to work impaired by drugs and alcohol.
  • Encourage all persons to take responsibility for their own well being and fitness.
  • Direct employees who have or could have a dependency on drugs and alcohol towards employee assistance programs.
  • Provide information to employees so that they may better understand, manage, and if necessary, modify their usage of drugs and alcohol.

Your continued involvement is essential to ensure the successful management of Workplace Health and Safety and I expect all employees to participate actively in Workplace Health and Safety and Rehabilitation programs.

Together we can enable Blackwater Quarries to deliver on all of our responsibilities while maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for all.

Michael Stanton